A little about wedding readings …

wedding reader

Your wedding ceremony is your time to express your love for your partner as you tie the knot in the presence of friends, family and loved ones.

You’ve made your vows to each other and you feel that you would like to have a reading, something that has resonated with you in your life whether it be from literature, poetry perhaps a movie or a song which reflects what love and marriage mean to you.

To find your perfect non-religious wedding reading it’s worthwhile taking the time to find a piece that resonates with your relationship and also fits nicely inside your wedding ceremony.

Regardless of whether your wedding is religious or not there is a passage that just might be the perfect addition to your ceremony and which will enhance the mood and tone.

There is a myriad of choice out there and online is a great place to start. There are also volumes of books containing selections of the most popular wedding readings with some of the more obscure as well. You can even find some readings in film and TV. Friends, The Wedding Singer and Sex in the City have all inspired the use of extracted readings, so inspiration can come from many angles.

As your Celebrant I have a wealth of experience In guiding you in choosing the perfect reading and I will be happy to suggest some that will complement you and your ceremony perfectly.